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Integrative Healing: Energy and Spiritual Therapy, Coaching and Well-being Newsletter (Winter, 2002, Issue 55)

by Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D

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Last month I discussed the following energy techniques:
which are discussed at length in the INTEGRATIVE HEALING MANUAL
See http://www.integrativehelp.com/healing_techniques.html and
See http://www.integrativehelp.com/books_tapes.html

This month I want to discuss the value of the following powerful imagery techniques:

See http://www.integrativehelp.com/books_tapes.html



By Rajpur (Raj)
Kingston, Washington

(Rajpur is the Voice that speaks through Paul Tuttle. He identified himself many years ago as also the Voice that spoke through Helen Schucman, i.e the Voice of "A Course in Miracles" This information can be found on the following web site. http://www.nwffacim.org/

Dear friends,
(February 1, 2002)

“Humility is the willingness to
release the stimulating dynamic
of conflict, chaos, and the
surmounting of it.”

“Dear friends,
February 3, 2002

Reaction is the epitome of arrogance. Unlike response, it is the
care-less expression of lovelessness, which always arises out of
conditioning. What makes it loveless is the fact that it has nothing to do
with the one to whom the arrogance is directed. It honors only the internal
processes of the one being arrogant, disallowing for an actual connection
between him and the one standing in receipt of his reaction.

Unfortunately, reactions tend to trigger reactions and dialogue
apparently ensues, even though communication is not happening—rather like endless automatic e-mail receipt messages, which are almost impossible to interrupt.

Response, on the other hand, is the epitome of humility. Unlike
reaction, it is care-full. It is an expression of love, because the one
responding takes time to listen and hear, thus honoring the one being
responded to
. . . no matter how that one is presenting himself/herself.

Response does not honor any internal processes or conditionings
present in the one responding, but arises out of an actual connection with
the one being responded to. And even though this may trigger reactions in
the one being responded to, it more often than not results in communication
occurring, where both are able to be together innocently—minus preexisting baggage.

Humility, when it comes into play, quickly starves conflict of its
automatic refueling. Reaction begets reaction, whereas response begets
communication and communication begets mutuality.’

“This is the day the Lord hath made.
Be glad, give thanks, rejoice!”

“Dear friends,
(February 4, 2002)

Joy is less than a choice. It is a decisionless decision! It comes
before having anything to be joyful about. It is the predisposition to find
God everywhere. It is a gift—not a response—of willingness to be delighted
for no reason.

Like Peace, Joy resides in your Being, beneath the intellectual
dynamics of thoughts, of reasoning, of drawing conclusions and reacting to
them. Like Peace, it is experienced when one abandons or disregards all
thought—as in meditation, or a moment of distraction—and one finds oneself in the Silence.

Joy fills you, and then spills out into the world. And it looks like
you standing in awe of previously unnoticed perfection, order, harmony,
without anything having changed!

You may think “things” make you happy, but Joy works in reverse. It
makes all things beautiful to behold, because they are bathed in—gifted
by—the illumination coming from you.

Today, what will it be? The gift of Peace and Joy, no matter what?
Or happiness, stolen from your world by making it conform to you?”

“Dear friends,
(February 5, 2002)

Egotism is never a solitary activity. It is always juxtaposed against someone or something else. One cannot imagine himself to be superior to, or gain superiority over nothing.

Egotism is a dance consciously engaged in between two would-be
“superiors,” even though one may genuinely adopt the position of “inferior”
to more effectively best the other.

Egotism is a contest in which only the contestants find value.

Egotism is not inevitable, natural, healthy or real. It borrows its
“existence” from the tension of the contest and the process of apparently
moving from good to better, to best, to bested!

Do you seem to be the innocent victim of an egotist? Then you haven’t
brought maximal skill to your role as the “inferior” one. In fact, you have
probably forgotten that you are an egotist of equal skill, and have thus
lost the “cutting edge.”

Victims and victimizers, both, are cruel; harshly utilizing whatever
will best the other—even the claim of innocence and foul play.

The answer to egotism lies in the realization that there is a world
beyond the obsession of the contest—one in which none of the elements of the contest matter to anyone—and abandoning it.”

Rajpur (http://www.nwffacim.org/)


These 8 powerful HEALING IMAGERY TECHNIQUES can be found on my web site at:


Though it is fashionable to use INTEGRATIVE energy/spiritual techniques it is also still extremely valuable to combine them with integrative healing imagery processes. Seven of these powerful imagery healing processes are available on tape and an 8th tape has the soothing music alone. I often say that “MORE MIRACLES COME FROM FORGIVENESS AND GRATITUDE THAN ANYTHING ELSE”. In addition the
CREATING AND MANIFESTING WHAT YOU WANT audiotape alone is probably worth the price of the entire audiotape set.

1. Relaxation and Meditation. You will easily relax with this breathing and guided imagery exercise that takes you into your inner sanctuary. You will feel a deep sense of inner peace.

2. Creating and Manifesting What You Want. After being led through a brief relaxation exercise you will be guided through a powerful 12- step procedure for learning how to create and manifest what you want from your life. You will experience a new sense of determination and momentum in obtaining your goals.

3. Brief and Advanced Form of Manifesting What You Want. You will experience a brief and highly effective 6-step version of the create and manifest process. Then you’ll be guided through an advanced form of the create and manifest process.

4. Forgiveness. You will learn how to forgive others, how to ask for forgiveness from another person and how to forgive yourself. You will begin to experience a deeper sense of inner peace and a more profound love toward other people.

5. Inner Journey to the Higher Self. Following a relaxation process you will be guided on a journey through your inner sanctuary and a dark forest to a bridge. After crossing this bridge you will follow a light that will lead you to a one room schoolhouse. There you will meet and dialogue with your Higher Self.

6. Self-Esteem. You will enhance your self-esteem by learning to focus on your positive qualities. Then you will visit a time in the past when your self-esteem was injured and you will learn to recreate it in a positive way. Finally you will learn to develop more self confidence.

7. Gratitude. You will experience much more gratitude for what you have in your life. You will be guided through various events, situations and scenes in your past and present life that will help you to be more appreciative and satisfied with your life. “More miracles occur from forgiveness and gratitude than anything else.”

8. Sunday (Healing Music). Soothing music to help you relax and unwind from your busy life. You will feel peaceful and calm.



In the last newsletter I began discussing the 12 STRAND DNA ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES. This approach assumes that we have the ability/power to command God or the ONE to activate healing at THE DNA levels:It also assumes that we are capable of activating the Vitality and Health chromosomes of our body to facilitate transformative changes at the core of our Being. In Robert Gerard’s “Change Your DNA, Change Your Life” book he works with the “Pulsar Star” and ‘Soul Bubble” imagination exercises to activate theta brain waves. I have now had the opportunity to work with Robert and have participated in all 4 levels of DNA activation. I am now using many of these DNA activation techniques with clients who are receptive to this new and creative/innovative approach and already have seen some very positive results. I will continue to experiment with the DNA activation processes, its range of use and effectiveness in the months to come in person, and over the phone, and will probably teach at least some of the material in seminars or workshops. Personally I found a substantial increase in my energy level while using these procedures. Clients have reported significant healing of relationships as well.


Recently I took an excellent workshop on INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY (IET) conducted by Mike Warner and Rita Mauter at the Center for Human Integration in Philadelphia, Pa. USA.. INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY (IET) which is a hands on approach, usually done on a massage table, was developed by Stevan Thayer with the assistance of his angelic guide, Ariel. Stevan is the co-author of the book “Interview with an Angel” and more recently “The Healing Angels of the Energy Field”. Stevan Thayer holds a master's degree from Columbia University in electrical engineering, was a former Bell Labs engineer and is a Reiki Master. He reports that he treated many clients using Reiki who had energy blockages that he felt Reiki alone did not clear. Stevan also discovered, like many others, in part by accident and in part by divine intuition, that there was a correlation between the emotions his clients felt during the healing sessions and specific parts of the body, i.e., different parts of the body are likely to store different feelings. From this observation Stevan developed the IET Cellular Memory Map. There are 9 IET integration or power points. When activated by the IET energy vibration, these points trigger, release and clear deeply held emotions, fears and traumas held in the body.

IET works directly with the Cellular Memory Map: for example in IET: the top of the head correlates with guilt; the third eye with distrust; the kidney area with fear; the liver with anger and unforgiveness and the throat/lungs area with shame. Some of these body areas and their corresponding emotions are similar to other systems and some are not. IET works, however, with 4 basic energy fields around the body: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Before engaging in IET participants learn the uplifting and powerful angelic and human "Heartlinking" process and receive energy attunements. The Heartlinking process and energy attunements alone are very healing. The IET process has 4 steps: energizing; trigerring; pull-out-releasing and integrating. The energize step is similar to Reiki and the release step is similar in many ways to clearing in Pranic healing. In the trigger step light pressure is applied to the integration points. During the integrating step the facilitator imprints a positive state of energy into the client. For example, innocence replaces guilt and trust replaces distrust.

IET has three levels of training. The basic training is a one-day class, in which I received an attunement to the first IET energy ray, learned the energetic Cellular Memory Map, learned to locate the IET power points and practiced on other participants. During the second day, the Intermediate level, I learned the second IET energy attunement, the 4 energy levels, the 5 stepIET healing process and had a lot of opportunity to practice the 5 IET steps on other IET students. Also I had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. The advanced level (which is given later) is a one day training that will provide, I am told, a final IET energy attunement, which unlocks the energy of your soul's purpose and teaches many additional energy tools.

IET can also be conducted while sitting in a chair, though possibly less efficiently, on oneself and through distance healing. I will be incorporating all or parts of IET into my clinical practice in the upcoming weeks and months.

(As channeled by Lee Carroll’s guide Kryon in Nov. 1997 and published in “Letters from Home” in 2000 and greatly condensed by me.)

“THE COSMIC LATTICE is a specific kind of missing energy; the energy of the Universe, of love and of spirit. The Cosmic Lattice is the common denominator of the unified energy source of the Universe, i.e., all things emanate from The Cosmic Lattice. The Cosmic Lattice is present everywhere throughout the Universe. Everything that you can see and everything you cannot see contains the lattice. The Cosmic Lattice is the largest energy you have ever conceived of. There is no place that you can conceive of—no matter what the dimension—that is without the lattice. The Cosmic Lattice is perhaps what you could call the consciousness of God and yet it is physics and it is energy and it contains conscious love. The Cosmic Lattice has one single consciousness all at the same time—always at the same time. Distance is nothing to The Cosmic Lattice.

The cellular structure is of one, interlaced with a consciousness which reacts as one. Everything there—the billions of stars—is in your "now." The Cosmic Lattice is totally unified. The most distant part of this cosmic lattice knows exactly what the part that is here in this room is doing. The part that is between the cells of your biology, which we have called love, knows what is happening 11 billion light years away! The Cosmic Lattice has no time.and the size is immense. It is the biggest energy known or that that exists. The Cosmic Lattice has symmetry, however. But it is not a grid. The Cosmic Lattice has no visible light, even though it is the essence of light. The lattice energy is in a balanced state called the null balance where the polarity of its most powerful attributes are balanced to zero. The null energy has fantastic power, but in its common resting state, it seems to be void due to the zero balance.. It’s when you unbalance the polarity that the power is released. The Cosmic Lattice energy is everywhere. This Lattice is potent at ALL points and in ALL areas. . It is the common denominator and the stabilizer of all energy and matter everywhere—The Cosmic Lattice will open up unlimited power everywhere.

The lattice energy responds to TIME. Time is relative. Spiritual things on this planet are related to the lattice. Time is changing for you. The Cosmic Lattice responds to human consciousness! All things are possible with the intent of the humans on this planet right now. For you have literal control of the lattice which is universal. The lattice knows on the other side of the universe, your name! This consciousness has actually "pulled" upon the lattice to enable the earth to begin a time shift... one that will be relative to you, but obvious to others (off planet). The Cosmic Lattice is doing the work. Your consciousness, therefore, has changed the physics of your own reality.

Because of The Cosmic Lattice you are interconnected instantly, and are using the lattice. It is your Spiritual power source... and it’s also using physics.

We have spoken of now time, an interdimensional spot where Spirit is, and where all the things in the past and the potentials of the future are in one place—that is now time. The Cosmic Lattice is NOT in now time, it is in null time. Null time is time which equals zero, whereas now time has motion in a circle. The Cosmic Lattice is in a constantly balanced state, and in that balanced energy, it is potentially ready to receive input for release of energy, and that input, dear ones, is available to the human consciousness. It "sees" all TIME as zero... never moving, even though many time frames exist within its energy. That is why, no matter what time frame is your reality, communication is instant between all entities that know of the lattice.

The Cosmic Lattice, is what allows the mechanics for co-creation, for synchronicity, for what we have called love. The Cosmic Lattice contains the mechanics which allow for miracles on the planet. It responds to physics—it responds to consciousness.

The Cosmic Lattice is not God! But God (Spirit) uses naturally occurring physics for the mechanics of miracles. The elegance of God resides in the very cells of your body!" God absolutely uses the common physicalness of the energy around the cosmos for power... just like you are being invited to do. Understanding the physics of Spirit does not void out the LOVE! I The lattice, therefore, is not God. It is one of the most powerful TOOLS of Spirit that exists today, and contains much of what you have called unexplainable magic... the way of God.

The Cosmic Lattice is now responding to something it never did before on your planet. Energy is being created and time is being altered— all through human intent. There is no greater power in the Universe than HUMAN INTENT and LOVE. Energy facilitators are "tapping in" to The Cosmic Lattice. It will be someday be replaced with good solid science... God given, and Universal.”

The first energy technique to utilize the cosmic lattice along with the universal calibration lattice is the EMF balancing technique developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubrow. I will discuss more on the cosmic lattice, the universal calibration lattice and the EMF balancing technique in the next newsletter.


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