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Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching Newsletter (Spring, 2001, Issue 52)

Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching is brought to you from Integrative Psychological Coaching, the office of Philip Friedman, Ph.D. I am a coach for people in transition, business and sales people, professionals, lawyers, doctors, financial planners and advisors, artists, accountants, managers, health professionals and people with marital, relationship, career, energy or spiritual problems. I also provide coaching, by telephone, for individuals, and provide teleclasses for groups.

The term Integrative Psychological Coaching (IPC) is designed to emphasize that I have both psychological and coaching skills and can provide both psychotherapy and coaching as needed by clients. In my experience a number of clients start out feeling like they need/want coaching but turn out to want more extensive psychotherapeutic help. As a psychologist and coach I can provide either or both services as needed. In addition I am certified as an energy and spiritual coach and have extensive training as an energy and spiritual therapist so I can and do provide those services when it is wanted and needed. My speciality work in the coaching area is called Integrative Psychological Energy and Spiritual Coaching.

Here is a quote from a coaching client:

“Just a short note to say thank you for all your help in these coaching sessions I enjoyed with you. ...Your understanding, humor, and help were an excellent example for me as I begin my practice, as were the techniques you used. I felt respected as a person, heard as an individual and coached as a child of the Divine. Thank you for all of that but more importantly, thank you for approaching these ... sessions in the Spirit of joy ...that made them an incredible gift to me.” (LB)

I have 30 years experience helping people with creative approaches which support them in contacting their inner guidance, and making energy shifts for powerful and practical benefits. My innovative and integrative approaches help clients gain control over themselves, their businesses, relationship, careers and personal and spiritual lives. I help people close the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their lives. In addition, I help them clarify, define and reach their hopes, dreams and purpose in life.

If you want to experience what the Integrative Psychological Coach can do for you send an e-mail to Coachwell1@aol.com or call 610-828-4674.

1. Introduction
2. Powerful Quotes: Thought Fields; Forgiveness is the Key
to Happiness
3. What’s New in 2001
a. Go Up and Seek God: The Orion Healing Technique
and the 12 Strand DNA Technique
b. Re-Member: A Handbook for Human Evolution
c. What is Enlightenment?
d. Psychological Needs and Happiness
e. Integrative Healing Manual: a Positive, Energy and Spiritual Psychology Approach.
f. International Journal of Healing and Caring.
g. Integrative Healing (IH): an Energy and Spiritual Approach
h) 3 Email Discussion Lists

4. Resources: With Money Back Guarantee
a) The Integrative Healing Manual
b) Creating Well-Being Audiotapes and Book
5. Summary

1. INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching Newsletter. I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you some valuable information.

Once again I want to welcome all the new subscribers to the newsletter and thank the people who referred them to me. I also want to thank those people who have read the newsletter and referred either psychotherapy or coaching clients to me. I appreciate this very much. Thank you! I also want to thank those people who have ordered my tapes or coaching workbook.

If you like this newsletter and find it valuable or uplifting in some way please pass it on to 3 or more of your friends and colleagues around the globe. Remember giving and receiving are one.

The winner of the drawing for a book or tape is Debbie Williams
from Eaton, Colorado and Michael Spears from Moberly, Missouri. Congratulations Debbie and Michael. From now on the drawings for a free copy of my book, Creating Well-Being: The Healing Path to Love, Peace, Self-Esteem and Happiness (R & E, 212 pages, $12), or for a FREE copy of one of my Creating Well-Being audiotapes will take place whenever there are 50 new subscribers to the newsletter. So help yourself and everyone else out by forwarding the newsletter to your friends and colleagues. Anyone who is interested in being included in the next drawing for a book or audiotape can email me at DrFr101@aol.com with their first and last name, address, zip code and telephone number. One request is sufficient for all drawings.


Thought and Thought Fields
(by Stanley Dean, M.D., in *Psychiatry and Mysticism*, 1975, p. 15)

“Thought is a form of energy; it has universal field properties which like gravitational and magnetic fields, are amenable to scientific research.

Thought Fields, like the theoretical tachyon, can interact, traverse space and penetrate matter more or less instantaneously.

Thought Fields survive death and are analogous to soul and spirit.

Thought Fields are eternal; hence past experience (reincarnation) is as valid a concept as future immortality.”

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
(Lesson 121 from *A Course in Miracles* with a commentary by Allen Watson and practice summary by Robert Perry from The Circle of Atonement in Arizona. www.nen.sedona.net/circleofa/)

“* Think of someone you dislike or despise or overlook or find irritable.
The one that has already come to your mind will do.

* Close your eyes and look at him/her a while in your mind. Try to find some little spark of light somewhere in him/her. Once you find it, let this light expand until it covers your picture of him/her. Look at this changed picture a while.

* Now think of one you call a friend. Try to transfer the light you saw
around your "enemy" to this friend. Let that light reveal him/her as more than friend, as your savior.

* Then let your friend and "enemy" unite and offer you the light you
offered them. Let them bless you with the forgiveness you gave to them. Now you are united with them.

Say frequently to yourself throughout the day:

"Forgiveness is the key to happiness. I will awaken from the dream
that I am mortal, fallible and full of sin, and know I am the perfect Son or Daughter of God."


“...Look at the litany of ills that comprise this description of "the
unforgiving mind" (2:1-5:5). Fear. A cramped, constricted mind-set that
offers no room for love to grow and thrive. Sadness, suffering, doubt,
confusion, anger. The pairs of conflicting fears. The one that speaks to me
most eloquently is: "afraid of every sound, yet more afraid of stillness"
(3:1). And the distortion of perception that results from unforgiveness,
making us unable to see mistakes as what they are, and perceiving sins
instead. Babbling terror of our own projections (4:2).

"Forgiveness is acquired. It is not inherent in the mind..." (6:1-2). This
states a fundamental principle that explains much of the methodology of the
Course, and explains why some sort of transition is necessary between where we think we are and where we already are in truth. If we are already
perfect, as God created us, why do we have to learn anything at all?
Because the solution to the problem of guilt is forgiveness, and
forgiveness was not part of our mind as God created it. There was no need for it. Without a thought of sin the concept of forgiveness is meaningless. Because we taught ourselves the idea of sin, now we must be taught the antidote, forgiveness. Forgiveness has to be acquired.

But the unforgiving mind cannot teach itself forgiveness. It believes in
the reality of sin, and with that as a basis, forgiveness is impossible.
Everything it perceives in the world proves that "all its sins are real"
(3:3). Caught in unforgiveness, we are convinced of the correctness of our
perception of things. We do not question it. From that perspective there is
no way our minds can even conceive of true forgiveness. This is why we need
the Holy Spirit: "a Teacher other than yourself, Who represents the other
Self in you" (6:3). There has to be a "higher Power" Who represents a
different frame of mind. The source of our redemption has to be outside of
the ego mind-set, apart from it, untainted by it. And so He is.

He teaches us to forgive, and through forgiveness, our mind is returned to
our Self...As we give, we receive.”

2. WHAT’S NEW IN 2001

A. Go Up and Seek God: The Orion Healing Technique
and the 12 Strand DNA Technique (Book);
DNA-1 with Vianna (Video)
(for information go to http://www.thetahealing.com/)
This intriguing book and video provides a method for spiritual healing for yourself and others and for activating the youth and vitality chromosomes by first going to the theta level of consciousness. Vianna Stibel is considered to be one of the most talented spiritual healers in the country. Anyone who likes to be on the cutting edge will probably want to read this book and the next one. The video is a worthwhile companion to the book.

B. Re-Member: A Handbook for Human Evolution (Book)
(for information go to http://www.lightworker.com)
Steve Rother and the ‘Guides” have written a fascinating book about co-creation, contracts, inner power, returning home, love, energy vibrations
and alternative realities which I highly recommend to anyone interested in
getting a glimpse into the future. Two months ago I had the opportunity of participating in an excellent workshop with Steve and the guides right before he was going to present at the United Nations. The workshop on energy vibrations in relationships and in oneself was creatively designed and very uplifting.

C. What is Enlightenment? (Magazine)
(Go to http://www.wie.org)
This magazine edited by Andrew Cohen author of ‘Embracing Heaven and Earth” consists largely of interviews with many of the most enlightened beings on the planet today. Each issue has a theme such as “What is Ego”, “Can Enlightenment Save the World” and “What Does It Mean to Be in the World But Not of It”. Andrew Cohen who is considered to be quite enlightened himself, and his staff, usually ask penetrating and incisive questions of the interviewees on each topic. The people interviewed recently include Ammachi, Yogi Amrit Desai, Duane Elgin, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Brother Teasdale, Eckart Tolle, Joseph Goldstein, Elizabeth Lesser, HH Penor Rinpoche, Jack Engler, Ken Wilber, Roshi Bernie Glassman, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati and many others. For anyone concerned about enlightenment
this is powerful reading.

D. Psychological Needs and Happiness
Kennon M. Sheldon, Ph.D., of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and co-authors conducted three excellent studies with different groups of college students in the United States to determine which of 10 basic psychological feelings humans find most fundamental. In addition one of the studies included college students from South Korea. Sheldon and his colleagues found that:

1. autonomy (feeling that your activities are self-chosen and self-endorsed), 2. competence (feeling that you are effective in your activities),
3. relatedness (feeling a sense of closeness with others) and
4. self-esteem (feeling that you are a worthy person)
correlated most highly with happiness.

The findings appeared in the February issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA). (Go to http://www.apa.org/journals/psp/psp802325.html for more information)

Using a description of the 10 needs Sheldon and his colleagues provided,
I created a scale of the 10 psychological needs and then gave the *needs* scale along with several measures of well-being and happiness to 23 of my male and female clients ages 23 to 55 (mean age was 35). I found that the following 5 psychological needs correlated very highly with well-being and happiness.

1. Competence—effectance: Feeling that you are very capable and effective in your actions rather than feeling incompetent or ineffective.
2. Self-actualization—meaning: Feeling that you are developing your best potentials and making life meaningful rather than feeling stagnant and that life does not have much meaning.
3.Security—control: Feeling safe and in control of your life rather than feeling uncertain and threatened by your circumstances.
4. Influence—popularity: Feeling that you are liked, respected, and have influence over others rather than feeling like a person whose advice or opinions nobody is interested in.
5. Self esteem—self-respect: Feeling that you are a worthy person who is as good as anyone else rather than feeling like a "loser."

Money-luxury, physical-body and pleasure-stimulation all had lower correlations with happiness.

A step-wise regression analysis indicated that *self-actualization* and
*self-esteem* in that order were the most important correlates of happiness and well-being. Further research will be needed to validate these results.

E. Integrative Healing Manual: a Positive, Energy and Spiritual Psychology Approach.
My revised manual (formerly the Coaching Manual to Create, Understand and Enhance Well-being) is almost completed. This manual is an outgrowth of the chapters and articles I have recently written on *Integrative Energy and Spiritual Therapy (IEST) * and *Integrative Healing (IH): an Energy and Spiritual Perspective*. These 2 chapters/articles are in turn an outgrowth of my articles on Integrative Therapy (IT); Integrative Marital Therapy (IMT) and Integrative Marital and Family Therapy (IMFT) written 20 years ago and based on a 3 dimensional meta-model of integrative therapy.

F. Editorial Panel of *International Journal of Healing and Caring* edited by Dan Benor. M.D.
(for more information go to http://www.ijhc.org/)
The new on-line journal the *International Journal of Healing and Caring* is being launched. It is edited by Dan Benor, M.D. I am pleased to say I am a member of the editorial panel of this ground breaking journal.

G. Integrative Healing (IH): an Energy and Spiritual Approach

My 12 page article “Integrative Healing: an Energy and Spiritual Approach” is completed. This article will be included in the summaries of presentations given at the upcoming First European Energy Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland on July 5-8, 2001 chaired by Willem Lammer, Ph.D. (Go to http://www.impc.ch for information on this excellent conference).
I will be presenting during the conference on July 7 and 8th, 2001.

This article summarizes a method to integrate many different techniques and approaches in the energy and spiritual field including Thought Field Therapy (TFT); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Matrix technique-L.1 (MATRIX); Be Set Free Fast (BSFF); One Brain; Reiki, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods (EDxTM); Spiritual Kinesthesiology (SK) etc. and some of my own techniques: the Acupressure, Chakra Technique (ACT); the Miracle Acupressure Tapping Technique (MATT), the Creating, Accepting, Receiving Technique (CART) and TASTE ((Tap and Soft Touch Energy Technique).

This article also presents an integrative meta-model (a 3 dimensional 9 x 3 x 3 cube) that maps out the underlying metaphors in the energy/spirit field and discusses the powerful use of intuition in assessment and change. Furthermore the chapter discusses the 2 core paths that we can travel down, the path of fear, distress, grievances, and negative energy or the path of love, peace, forgiveness and positive energy. At every moment we have a choice of which path to travel.

H. Email Discussion Lists I Moderate

EnergySpirit1 is a free e-groups’ interactive email discussion group open to everyone.
To subscribe send an email to EnergySpirit1-subscribe@egroups.com

IAESPT at webvalence.com is a free interactive email discussion group open to mental health professionals with a Masters degree and experience with 2 or more energy and spiritual therapies/healing disciplines. For IAESPT guidelines email

ESPT@egroups.com is a free interactive email discussion group open to doctoral level psychologists practicing energy and spiritual therapy and healing. For more information send an email to ESPT101@aol.com.


A) The Integrative Healing Manual: a Positive, Energy and Spiritual Psychology Approach.

This comprehensive manual is complete. It includes sections on:
Positive Psychology such as:

1. COPERS and BETSI-HI Models of Well-Being
2. 7 Step Re-Empowerment Process
3. 12 Step Creation and Manifestation Process for creating what you want
4. 7 Step Alphabet Model of Change
5. 11 Step Forgiveness Process
6. Exercises for Emotional Stability, Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence,
Joyfulness, Sociability and Happiness
7. 30 Daily Lessons to Practice.

It also includes sections on:

Energy and Spiritual Healing such as:

1. MATT (Miracle Acupressure Tapping Technique) Version 1 and 2 and 3
along with the Forgiveness Affirmations
2. MMPIT (Multiple Parts Integration Technique)
3. ACT (Acupressure, Chakra Technique)
4. CART (Creating, Allowing and Receiving Technique).
5. TASTE (Tap and Soft Touch Energy Technique)

Finally it includes a Special Section on:

the *Secrets of Wealth, Wisdom and Well-Being*
Parts 1 through 5.

These processes and exercises can be very useful and beneficial in terms of your health, wealth and well-being for you and your clients. For many of you it will change your life or your clients lives in a very positive way either gradually or dramatically if practiced on a regular basis. The 'creating and manifesting what you want' exercise alone will, in many cases, earn you a great deal of money. You can order the manual for $30 plus $5 Shipping and Handling
= $35 in the U.S. (Add $5 for Shipping and Handling abroad,
for a total of $40).

You can order the manual, audiotapes and my book Creating Well-Being all at once for the discounted price of $139 a saving of $20 over the price, if ordered separately.

B) The Creating Well-Being Audiotapes and Book

The entire set of Creating Well-Being Audiotapes set can be purchased for $88 plus $6 Shipping and Handling = $94 by calling 610-828-4674 or 1-800-783-2935 x 2222 or emailing me at DrFr101@aol.com with your Visa or Master or American Express credit card number and expiration date or by faxing your Visa or Master or American Express credit card number and expiration date to 610-828-9366. Just mention you are ordering the Creating Well-Being Audiotapes set. (See order form below)

Checks for orders can be sent to the Foundation for Well-Being, P.O. Box 627, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462.

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or Fax to: 610-828-9366 or Call: 610-828-4674.

5. IN SUMMARY: Thank you for your interest in the Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching newsletter. I hope it has been helpful to you in some significant way. In forthcoming issues I will share more powerful quotes, discuss other books, audiotapes and videotapes of the month plus other valuable information. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to communicate with me by email at EnergySpirit1@aol.com. For Coaching or Mentoring, email me at Coachwell1@aol.com or call 610-828-4674.

With Gratitude and Blessings,


Copyright (c) 2001, all rights reserved. Permission is granted
to reproduce, copy or distribute the Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching newsletter so long as this copyright notice and full information about contacting the author is attached. The author of this newsletter is Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D Contact him by email at: EnergySpirit1@aol.com or for integrative psychological life coaching send an email to Coachwell1@aol.com or 610-828-4674.

We appreciate your forwarding this newsletter to your friends and colleagues, since your recommendation is how we grow. To subscribe to the FREE Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching newsletter send an email message to: CreatingWellBeing-on@lists.webvalence.com




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